Vaginal Rejuvenation

Do you Suffer from any of the Following Symptoms?

We at Gentle Giant Care LLC have a solution!!! The V-Shot!

What is the V-Shot?

The V-Shot is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment using blood-derived growth factors (Natural growth factor injections) to rejuvenate the vagina to help relieve the symptoms listed above.

The V-Shot can improve urinary incontinence that is associated with laughing, coughing, jumping, sneezing, running, lifting, exercising, as well as improve urinary urgency and frequent urination at night (nocturia). This procedure increases the intensity of an orgasm while also improving the ease in which you obtain an orgasm.


Using your body’s own multi-potent stem cells (Natural Growth Factors Injections). Once collected, it gets re-injected into the clitoris and urethra. The best thing about this procedure is, there’s no downtime and its painless!!!! There are no side effects. The Natural Growth Factors Injections that’s used is from your own blood, therefore, you cannot have a reaction to it. Very simple procedure, where we take Natural Growth Factors Injections used by a FDA approved centrifuge, has been used for over 30 years in medicine, over 15,000 research projects to done show that there are no adverse side effects. Using your body’s own multi-potent stem cells. It gets re-injected into a pain-free way, and injection into the clitoris and urethra. The goal is to improve function.

Women can have significant improvement right away. The full benefit is at 3 months but can take an effect in 3 weeks. Women can go from getting up 5 or more times at night to urinate then suddenly they can get a full night of sleep. The average person gets the shot done every 15-18 months. The maximum length of time in a study proved that results lasted as long as 3 years.

Let us at Gentle Giant Care LLC restore your life by restoring pelvic health. Give us a call and schedule today!!

We offer V-Shot that treat Urinary Incontinence, vaginal dryness, sexual performance etc., We offer it in Atlanta GA, Lauderdale FL and Tupelo MS.

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