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My name is Lequawn James. I am a nurse practitioner that specializes in mental health and addiction medicine, orthopedics and sports medicine, anti-aging and hormone replacement. Although these practices are on different realms of the healthcare spectrum, I find both very rewarding in their own way. In both, I have the unique opportunity to give patients a second chance at life through mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health rebuilding.

On the orthopedic side, I encounter many patients who have spent years in pain without results from various surgeries and use of painkillers. Through naturopathic and homeopathic treatments, I am given the opportunity to help patients relieve pain and increase their activity level and function without the use of countless narcotics and surgery.

My office is not just a place where I specialize in treating pain. I also treat patients’ abnormal hormones and the various symptoms that develop as a result of these abnormalities, through the use of the Biote method (pellet insertion), as well as injectable testosterone. Additionally, I use regenerative medicine to aide in joint, muscle, ligament, and tendon repairs; anti-aging, hair-restoration, as well as Botox and fillers. I am certified by the American Board of Nurse Practitioners, Biote certified to implement pellets for hormone replacement therapy and thyroid treatments and certified through Allergan to use Botox products of all kinds. Before I became a nurse practitioner, I spent nearly 8 years working in the emergency department and intensive care unit as a nurse where I saw and treated everything you can name. I attribute all of my skills of today, to the many years in the trenches as a nurse. Before I became a nurse practitioner, I spent nearly 8 years working in the emergency department and intensive care unit as a nurse where I saw and treated everything you can name. I attribute all of my skills of today to the many years in the trenches as a nurse.

Before becoming a nurse, I played four years of College football where I was an All-Conference, All-American Football player. Now my hobbies include working out, coming up with macro-friendly meals for patients and friends to try, traveling, amusement parks, hiking, playing on a competitive flag football travel team, and cuddling my puppy husky Q.

Meet the Gentle Giant

LaDonna Doxie


LaDonna Doxie joined Gentle Giant in September 2022.

She received her undergraduate nursing degree from the University of North Alabama in 2011. As an RN she gained a diverse experience in multiple areas of nursing including dermatology, cardiology, ICU, psychiatry, and long-term care but has always had a passion for skin and aesthetics. She obtained her Masters in Science in Nursing from Chamberlain College of Nursing, completing the Family Nurse Practitioner program in 2017. She is originally from Florence, Alabama but has been residing in Georgia since 2013. She strives to educate and empower her patients to be proactive in their health to ensure their optimal quality of life.

LaDonna has one son, Donovan, who she loves to share pictures of. In her spare time, she can be found spending time with her family seeking new adventures.


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Katie Usellis


For nearly ten years, Katie has built a diverse foundation of knowledge through rigorous didactic
classes, clinical rotations, and international experiences to understand human health in a holistic
way. She has approached her field from social, political, and scientific perspectives to gain a
comprehensive viewpoint of factors that influence health attitudes and beliefs, access to care, and
the health status of individuals and communities. Her studies of cultural, traditional, as well as
Western modern medicine have fostered her respect and appreciation for the multidimensional
approaches once can take to achieve optimal health.

Katie is passionate about creating accessible, creative, and innovative methods to help patients
look and feel their best at every stage of life. She believes in simple interventions to promote
wellness and longevity that are relevant for people of every age, gender, culture, and income
status. She loves building confidence in her patients and sharing her enthusiasm for aesthetics,
physical fitness, and functional wellness.

Katie believes in maximizing the potential of our bodies and minds in order to render the best
possible quality of life. She promotes preventive interventions to patients designed to reduce or
eliminate their need for medications, assistive devices, and chronic disease. Good health is
necessary for all other aspects of a good life. Katie is committed to helping patients maintain
and, if necessary, regain the level of health they need to live the lives they want.


B.S., Global Health Studies, University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine
B.S.N., Emory University, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
M.S.N., Family Nurse Practitioner, Emory University, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of

Nursing Experience

Emergency Services RN, Northside Hospital
Registered Nurse, Restore Hyper Wellness
Emergency Services RN, Piedmont Hospital

Field Experience

Community Health Immersion Student, Accra, Ghana, American Field Service
Community Health Immersion Student, Ometepe, Nicaragua, Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Island
Association (BOSIA)
Nursing Student, Moshi, Tanzania, Gap Medics

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Meet the Gentle Giant



Brady is an enthusiastic aesthetic injector here at Gentle Giant Care- where he is passionate about working with people who want to restore themselves to a healthy lifestyle and look damn good doing it.

Brady knows that YOU deserve to be empowered, thrive and take YOUR health back!

Outside of this clinic, he is also a licensed general dentist, working hard to help people save their smiles and improve their dietary habits for improved whole body health.

Brady está especializado en las inyecciones estéticas y trabaja fuera como dentista.

El habla Español y Portuguese diariamente y está listo para recibirle en su idioma de preferencia.

Brady es inyector animado aquí en Gentle Giant Care donde trabaja con clientes que desean restaurarse a un estado de salud y lucirse hermosos al hacerlo

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