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Peptide Therapy Test

Peptide Therapy in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

Studies on Efficacy of Peptides study on efficacy of BPC 157/TB500 for joint and muscle tears, arthritis, and wound healing study on efficacy of BPC 157/TB500 for joint and muscle tears, arthritis, and wound healing Study on efficacy of IGf-1 study on eficacy of CJC-1295/Ipamorelin study on efficacy of MotsC increased muscle and energy Study […]

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a non-surgical procedure that uses a small amount of blood drawn from the patient to promote healing and rejuvenation. The blood is placed on a centrifuge to separate the plasma and growth factors during the procedure. This plasma is then injected into the area of the body that […]

Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

What are Peptides? Peptides are the building blocks of proteins and are composed of amino acids that work to regulate a variety of biological functions and processes. These naturally occurring peptides act as signaling molecules within the body and instruct other cells and molecules on what functions to perform. Some common functions of peptides include […]

Penile Girth and Penis Enhancement

penile enhancement in Atlanta GA by gentle giant care

Experience Penile Girth and Head Enhancement Our procedure begins with a comprehensive twenty-minute consultation, during which we discuss your objectives and medical history, perform an examination, and address potential risks and complications.  Bellafill, the product used for this procedure, is made up of polymethylmethacrylate microspheres that provide a scaffold that supports the body’s own natural […]

Xen Aesthetics

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant Care LLC

Xen Aesthetics As the owner of Xen Aesthetics, I would like to personally welcome you as our next client! We are eager to be of service to you. Additionally, we are anxious to assist you in achieving your aesthetics goals. 598 W. Atlanta St Marietta, Georgia, 30060 SE Suite C and D Lower Level (770) […]

Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant Care LLC

What is Concierge Medicine? Concierge Medicine is a service where you can get personalized treatments and procedures done in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Catered to Celebrities, Athletes, C-Suite Executives, and Public Figures. Convenient for those that require extra discretion and privacy. Custom Subscription plans are available upon request, and designed to […]

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Introducing Gentle Giant Care – Your At Home Beauty Solution

Introducing Gentle Giant Care – Your At-Home Beauty Solution! Experience luxury beauty and wellness services without leaving the comfort of your home with Gentle Giant Care. Our highly trained staff holds multiple licenses throughout the United States, ensuring you receive top-notch care wherever you are. We understand that many clients crave access to our services […]



What is Enclomiphene? Enclomiphene, often marketed as enclomiphene citrate, is an oral medication primarily used to treat infertility in men. It belongs to a class of drugs known as selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). Enclomiphene is distinct from its isomer, zuclomiphene, another component of the commonly known medication, clomiphene citrate. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND STRUCTURE  ISOMERS: […]



Endolift® is a minimally invasive interstitial laser lifting treatment performed with LASEmaR®1500 – wavelength of 1470 nm – through microfibers as thin as hair (200 or 300 microns) that can enter the skin without incisions and be pushed by the selective lipolytic and photobiomodulating energy. While passing through the dermis, these microfibers act like an intradermal light path and transmit radiating N.IR […]

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