IPL Treatment in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment treats different skin conditions and pigmentation irregularities. It’s administered through a laser treatment device using gentle bursts of broad-spectrum light to diminish scars, hair, and acne from the skin’s surface. It targets the surface layer of the skin while safely maintaining the surrounding tissues. The conditions IPL treats include: Rosacea […]


Kybella for double chin treatment in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

Kybella is the first and only non-surgical, FDA-approved treatment for getting rid of fat under the chin. It permanently sculpts sub-mental fat, also known as the “double chin.” At Gentle Giant Care, we can help improve your appearance by providing a personalized procedure that gives you a tighter jawline. The solution consists of deoxycholic acid, […]

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

Do you have excessive hair that you’d like to treat permanently? The cycle of shaving and waxing pesky hair strands is challenging to keep up with, and at Gentle Giant Care, we have a solution. Laser Hair Removal uses intense pulse light and is a safe method to remove hair on women and men. You’ll […]


Microneedling in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

Microneedling is a rejuvenation process using tiny needles to create hundreds of vertical microscopic channels in the skin. At our office, we offer facial rejuvenation, Microneedling with growth factors, diminishing acne scars, and skin tightening. Resurfacing the first layers of the skin helps improve skin texture, provides a more even skin tone, and reduces fine […]

Rejuvenating Medicine

Rejuvenating Medicine in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

Rejuvenate & Renew for a Better You We strive to treat all our patients as unique individuals with customized treatment. Our advanced protocols are exclusively made for you. We developed our procedure to treat problems such as meniscus tears to arthritis. Rejuvenating Medicine is a revolutionary area of healthcare with capabilities of completely healing issues […]

Spider Vein Treatment

Spider vein Treatment in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

Spider veins are superficial veins usually visible as red or purple and are commonly on the legs—our laser treatment targets spider veins on women and men. There are no incisions, downtime, and discomfort is minimal. Spider veins appear because of a medical condition that can indicate problems or lead to further health issues. Get instant […]

Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

Do you have a tattoo that you’d like permanently removed? Our tattoo removal procedure can erase tattoos quickly with no downtime. We’ve got you covered, whether it’s the area your tattoo was placed or an outdated design. At Gentle Giant Care, we use an advanced laser for permanent tattoo removal. It’s practical and useful for […]

Skin Care Services

Skincare Services in Atlanta GA | Before and after images by Gentle Giant care

Take Care of Your Skin At Gentle Giant Care, we offer a variety of Skin Care Services to help improve and maintain the appearance of your skin. Our licensed esthetician, Rene’ Fontaine, cares about the skin, and health is her top priority. She customizes her care for your face and body through services that range […]

Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

What are Peptides? Peptides are the building blocks of proteins and are composed of amino acids that work to regulate a variety of biological functions and processes. These naturally occurring peptides act as signaling molecules within the body and instruct other cells and molecules on what functions to perform. Some common functions of peptides include […]

Rejuvenating Cellular IV Therapy

Aids In Addiction Recovery by Rejuvenating Cellular IV Therapy in Atlanta GA by Gentle Giant care

NAD IV therapy works by delivering the oxidized form of a coenzyme called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) directly into the bloodstream working on the body on a cellular level. It bypasses the digestive system ensuring the NAD+ coenzyme doesn’t get broken down before it reaches the cells that need it most. This treatment has many […]